Office Cleaning Services

ATC Cleaning provides quality office cleaning services to approximately 50 small Businesses across our service area's. Typically we can supply our cleaning services to buildings 5000 square feet or less. Please see the pricing below for a general idea and give us a call to arrange a personalized in office estimate.

Typical cost of cleaning services for our customers:
500sqft to 5000sqft:
Daily - $40.00-$90.00 + HST
2x weekly - $60.00-$110.00 + HST
Weekly - $70.00-$120.00 + HST
Bi-weekly - $90.00-$140.00 + HST

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Company employees are too busy to be cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and emptying garbage cans. Also it can become a source of friction if only some of the staff contribute while others do not. Let ATC Cleaning take care of the cleaning at your office and allow your employee's extra time to work on what matters most to your organization. Please take a moment today to Contact us and setup a free consultation

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